Brakes and clutches in Kingston

Brakes and Clutches in Kingston



Is there a squeaking sound when you apply the brakes on your vehicle?  Do you have to apply more pressure than usual to them?  
As soon as you notice a difference to the response of your brakes, get them seen to by a qualified mechanic. We can test your brakes to ensure they are performing at their best, and if not we will carry out the necessary checks and provide an honest solution to keeping you and your car safe.
Kingston Bridge Clutches - your brake and clutch specialists
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Are you worried about the condition of your clutch? If the clutch engages and disengages close to the floor or the transmission grinds when changing gear, your clutch may need attention.  
For all your vehicle services, come see us at Kingston Bridge Clutches to ensure you are in the hands of experienced and qualified mechanics.
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